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Book Review: Schooled by Anisha Lakhani

Posted on: December 10, 2008

Anna Taggert is a young teacher starting her first teaching job at a Manhattan private school with visions of making a difference in her students’ lives. It isn’t long before she has her eyes opened to the reality of her students’ priviledged upbringing, where no one does their own work, and every student has their own highly-paid tutor.

Anna soon joins the ranks of the private tutors herself, enticed by the huge sums of money and the luxuries such money can buy. Now she has a new best friend, a high-end apartment, status handbags, blond highlights, and a wardrobe to rival any wealthy Manhattan socalite. But has she sold herself out, abandonded not only her old self, but her morals as well?

I really enjoyed this novel. I did not find the brand name-dropping to be annoying at all – it wasn’t any different than your average chick lit novel. This was a very readable story, and a fast read. It was fun to read about Anna’s experiences with her tutoring students, even if it was hard to believe they were only 7th and 8th graders for the most part.

Overall, an entertaining story that I’d recommend to anyone who enjoys a bit of chick lit now and then.

Started: 5-Dec-08 / Finished: 10-Dec-08
Advanced Reading Copy courtesy of’s Early Reviewers Program

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