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Book Review: Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World… by Vicki Myron

Posted on: March 4, 2009

As a cat lover and a book lover who worked in a library all throughout high school, I really thought I was going to LOVE this book. It seemed to have all the right ingredients. However, while the ingredients were there, they just weren’t mixed together well enough, and I only moderately liked the book.

Dewey’s story was cute, and he certainly was an extraordinary cat. But the constant romanticizing of his story, and the anthromorphizing of Dewey started to become annoying. The writing wasn’t that great, with LOTS of repetition.

The story was more than about just Dewey. Much of the book was about the lifestyle of rural Iowa, and the author’s own life challenges. I wasn’t exepecting that, and to be honest I was a little bored with the descriptions of corn and fields – I’m not a country girl by any means though, so that’s not really my cup of tea anyway.

That being said, the ending made me cry. Really. Not just a few tears, but actual crying. So while the writing was simple, the story couldn’t help but touch me, and that made it worth reading.


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