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Book Review: Tan Lines by J.J. Salem

Posted on: March 4, 2009

Wow. This book is incredibly raunchy! However, that’s what makes it a great summer beach read in the tradition of Judith Krantz and Jackie Collins. Sex (gay AND straight), drugs, rock & roll, reality TV – you name it, this book has it. Definitely not a book for the faint-of-heart.

It’s a quick read, and even though the 3 main characters are annoying in the beginning (you wonder how they can be so stupid), you do become invested in the story and in finding out how they are going to fix (or in one case, ruin) their lives.

What really annoyed me, however, was the constant references to brand names. Did I really need to know the brand name of every piece of clothing Liza put on for a date, including her bracelets and fragrance, not to mention her shoes and bag. I don’t mind a brand name here and there, but in this book they were constant, and the book started to read more like a luxury goods catalog.

The ending was a bit rushed and disappointing. As I got towards the end of the book I actually wondered if I was missing a bunch of pages, because I couldn’t believe the story was going to be over in just 10 pages. The Page Six style epilogue wrapped things up just a little too neatly.


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