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Book Review: Perfection by Julie Metz

Posted on: May 28, 2009

Buy it now at

Buy it now at

Sometimes I wonder, when it comes to memoirs written by average people (in other words, non-celebrities), if the person’s life is really that interesting, so interesting that it deserves a book. Sometimes the answer is definitively no. In this case, I would answer yes, for the most part.

Ms. Metz has written a very honest story about discovering her husband’s true life after his death. When she finds out that her husband had multiple affairs, including one with a close friend, she starts investigating the whos and wheres and, most importantly, whys. The story of her relationships with her friends (who all apparently knew of her husband’s infidelities, but chose to keep it to themselves), her daughter, and the women who had affairs with her husband, makes for compelling reading.

I found the story started to drag towards the end, particularly when Ms. Metz starts trying investigating the possible biological or evolutionary reasons why her husband strayed.

Ultimately, this is a story of betrayal, recovery, and finally perfection in the new life Ms. Metz built for herself and her daughter. A reminder that even when the worst has happened, and you think you’ll never find peace again, life goes on – and maybe perfection is never really far out of reach.

Started: 25-May-09 / Finished: 28-May-09
Advanced Reading Copy courtesy of Voice, an imprint of Hyperion Books

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