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Book Review: Amandine: A Novel by Marlena de Blasi

Posted on: May 24, 2012

I was drawn into this novel right away, the story of an aristocratic newborn who is left at a French convent by her grandmother. The first half of the story, telling of Amandine’s time at the convent, growing up with her guardian Solange, reminded me of the boarding school stories I’d read as a child, complete with the evil headmistress.

But when the story turned to Amandine and Solange’s trek across France as they tried to get to Solange’s childhood home during the midst of WWII, the book slowed down, with overly detailed descriptions of what they were eating and where they were staying. There was more telling than doing, and it started to wear on me.

I did finish the book, but the oblique ending annoyed me, and wasn’t at all satisfying. I wanted a more concrete ending to Amandine’s story.


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