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Book Review: Triangles: A Novel by Ellen Hopkins

Posted on: May 24, 2012

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When I received this ARC in the mail, and realized it was written in poetic verse, my first thought was “Ugh, I really do NOT like poetry. I’m probably not going to read this.” I had never read any of Ellen Hopkins YA novels.

So I was a more than a little shocked when I picked the book up around 11pm to just read the first few pages, and found myself completely sucked into the story of these 3 middle-aged women and the intersecting twists and turns of their relationships. 5 hours later, it was 4am, and I had just finished this 500+ page novel. As a full-time working mom of three school-age boys, it has been a VERY LONG time since I’ve stayed up all night to read a book all in one sitting.

I identified with some parts of each of these women, which kept me interested in the story way beyond when I should have gone to bed. And while nothing was really much of a surprise (it was easy to see things coming, and the ending, while somewhat sad, was inevitable), the style and ease of the author’s prose propels you along. A highly recommended read.

For some reason, the cover of the book made me think it was another “vampire/Twilight” story. I could not have been more wrong. Just goes to prove you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover!

And finally, a word of warning: This is definitely an adult novel, with detailed descriptions of graphic sexual situations – the author’s YA fans should NOT read this novel.

Advanced Reading Copy provided courtesy of Atria Books.


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