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Book Review: Tears of Pearl by Tasha Alexander

Posted on: May 24, 2012

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I started Tears of Pearl immediately after having read the 3 previous books in the Lady Emily Mysteries series straight-through, one after another. While I enjoyed the first two books (particularly book 2, which I read in just under 2 days), the third was really boring for me. But I thought the exotic setting of book 4, with Lady Emily venturing into a sultan’s harem, would make for an interesting story. Unfortunately, this book did not stand up to my expectations for it.

The story didn’t hold my attention, and I had to force myself to continue reading. There were just too many plot points that didn’t seem realistic. As a previous reviewer stated, would Lady Emily really have had such open access to the sultan and the harem?

I’m not sure whether I’ll read the 5th book in the series, since the last two disappointed me so.


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